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New Game coming to Club Penguin

epf sketch1.jpg

Hey Penguins! Today Club Penguin announced they are going to release a new DS/DSi Game later this year! It is going to be called Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge! I can not wait! I will buy it the first thing and post the Mission Walkthroughs! I think it might be about Herbert!

Waddle on, But not to far.


Club Penguin How To Get The Speaker Pin

ello People Today Club Penguin Relased The Speaker Pin How To Get It?

  1. Go To Plaza
  2. Enter To The Pet Shop
  3. Walk To The Pin and Get It

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Club Penguin Night Club UPDATES Ultimate Guide and New Igloo Music!

Hello People Today Its Friday And How Club Penguin Told Us To Bring Friends At The Night Club For What? So You Can Change The Night Club Color And Decoration!! Here Are All Colors You Can Do:


Pretty Nice Right To Get Differents Designs Of Night Club You Need to:

  • 1-9 Penguins โ€“ Normal Night Club
  • 10-19 Penguins โ€“ Party Night Club
  • 20-29 Penguins โ€“ Disco Night Club
  • 30+ Penguins โ€“ Rave Night Club

There’s Is Also New Igloo Music

How Cool Right! Well Thats All For Now!


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Club Penguin Underwater Expedition Update + Event At Nightclub This Friday?

Hello Penguins Today Club Penguin Staff Told Us:

In other news, I can’t say too much about it, but you might want to check out the Night Club this Friday – and be sure to bring some friends along…

That Means Some Event Will Happen At Dance Club This Friday What Could it be?

Do You Think Herbert whats To Do Something At The Night Club Another Time Since He Failed The Other Time And He Is Taking Revenge? Or Dj Cadence Coming To Club Penguin?

And The Club Penguin Underwater Expedition Finishes In Thursday So Keep Exploring!

You The Time Will Tell Us! ๐Ÿ˜‰


You Decide The Club Penguin Ice Sculpture

From January 29 to February 14, Quebec, Canada Will Be The Host Of The Biggest Winter Carnival If The World, And Club Penguin Willl Have This Own Are There, The Will Make 1 Ice Sculpture Of One Oh These:

The HandstandThe RockerWinter Fun

The Handstand The Rocker Winter Fun

Now You Decide 1 From Those 3 Pictures How To Vote? Click Here And Vote!

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